Production of fireproofstructures

PHOTOTECH produces safety glazing and protective constructions on its own factory with a total area of 15 000 sq. m. Our production is one of the oldest and largest in the region. The company has its own design bureau and research center. At the moment 6 developments are protected by patents of the Russian Federation. Thanks to the R&D and ample production opportunities, the company has become the undisputed leader in the design and serial production of fire-resistant and safety glazing over the last 30 years. Production processes at the company are maximally optimized. A quality control system is in place at all stages of production. We produce only certified fireproof structures, as evidenced by appropriate certificates and licenses. Some of the products are unmatched not only in Russia, but also on the world market. PHOTOTECH employs true experts of fire protection and protective glazing, known in Russia and abroad. Our specialists are true pioneers of the industry, defining the modern market. Production operates according to the principles of waste minimization with a well-established system of sorting for subsequent disposal. Glass is sorted by type — plastic and cardboard are collected separately, with and without spraying. Thus, more than 90% of production waste is recycled. The company has a preparatory workshop, an assembly workshop, a pouring fire-resistant glass workshop, a laser glass processing workshop and a smart film processing workshop, a glass heaters and towel heaters assembly workshop and a warehouse for finished products.


PHOTOTECH is equipped with modern lines from world leaders of machine and tool building. The equipment operating in the company provides high automation of production processes. Some machines are unique — during production, they were modified under the requirements of our company to obtain unique technological capabilities. List of the most interesting production equipment:

  • Two cutting tables of sheet glass Bottero (Italy).
  • Two tables for triplex sheet cutting.
  • Two foreign-made vertical saws for laminated fire-resistant glass cutting.
  • Three assembly lines for double-glazed windows.
  • INTERMAC vertical machining center for glass up to 2.6x5 meters.
  • A unique NorthGlass convection tempering furnace for glass up to 2.8x5 meters in size made especially for the company.
  • 2 glass lamination furnaces up to 2.8x5 meters in size.
  • A laser processing table for the production of electrically heated glass.
  • A table for applying tires on electrically heated glass by gas-dynamic spraying.
  • 3 saws for aluminum profile Emmegi (Italy) - Combi 5 Assi Star and Twin Electra 550.
  • Machining center for aluminum profile Tekna TK 429V24 (Italy).
  • 3 machining centers for aluminum profile Emmegi (Italy): Phantomatic T4A and dual zone centers Comet T6 and Comet E/P.



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