Transport and storage

Transportation of glass and translucent structures requires great care and strict adherence to the rules. Strong mechanical loads can damage the products, and non-compliance with the requirements for temperature and humidity can lead to irreversible defects in fire-prevention glasses and insulating glass units of the SHIELD and SMART-glass brands. Therefore, transportation and storage should be carried out in compliance with the general rules for the transportation of glass and the characteristics of a particular product.

Delivery by the FOTOTECH company is carried out in accordance with the above rules, the requirements of GOST and the characteristics of the products. Each customer can use the self-pickup service, and we strongly recommend that you adhere to the following rules.

Transport requirements

  • The car must have a wooden floor to prevent the load from slipping, hooks to fix it to the sides and floor of the car, and tightening straps to secure the load.
  • For transportation of glass, double-glazed windows and translucent structures not packed in boxes, a transport pyramid is required. The dimensions of the pyramid must correspond to the items shipped.
  • In order to avoid damage to products from atmospheric precipitation and pollution, they should be transported in covered tilt cars.

Requirements for product packaging

  • Fixation of glass stacks or stacks of insulating glass units is performed with strapping tape. When packing in stacks, each layer is laid with corrugated board or cork. The stack of products should not exceed 5 pieces on each side of the pyramid. The final fixation of the stacks on the pyramid is made with a stretch film in the horizontal and vertical directions. Products must be supported along the entire plane.
  • To transport glass in boxes, dry shavings with a layer of 25-30 mm are placed on the bottom, the stacks are tightly installed, the gaps between the stacks, as well as between the walls of the box and the stacks, are adjusted. The free space under the box lid is filled with a layer of dry shavings.
  • The packaging must be marked in accordance with GOST 14192-96. The marking contains manipulation signs (indicators of the rules for handling cargo), as well as basic (recipient, destination, number of packages), additional (consignor, point of departure, transport organization) and information labels (gross and net weight, overall dimensions).

Transportation regulations

Glass can be transported manually or using vacuum suction cups, while the glass should only move vertically. In order to avoid damage to the glass, it is strictly not allowed to move it in the horizontal plane!

Transportation of glass should take place at low speeds. Sudden jerks and braking should be avoided. On the way, the driver must check the reliability of the fastening every 100 km of the track and eliminate the defects that have arisen.

Products not packed in boxes are transported on a transport pyramid. The pyramid must be securely fixed and installed with its ends in the direction of travel.

Boxes with double-glazed windows should be installed vertically, also with their ends in the direction of traffic. Under no circumstances should they be stored horizontally. The boxes must be supported along the entire plane and be securely fastened to prevent their spontaneous movement and swing during transportation.

Storage rules

Glassware and structures should be stored in their original packaging in a covered, dry, heated room. Storage without packaging is allowed, provided that the products are protected from moisture, dirt and mechanical damage.

Storage of products should be carried out on special pyramids on rubber or felt pads at an angle of 5-15 & # 176; relative to the vertical with the obligatory support of the entire plane on the rear wall of the pyramid's halt. The base of the pyramid should be covered with felt or rubber. Double-glazed windows are laid with a soft material - cork, felt or elastic polymer materials.

It is allowed to store double-glazed windows in boxes in a vertical position, while it is important that the box itself and the cushioning materials are dry.

Rules for storage and transportation of certain types of products

In view of the design and technological features, some products manufactured by FOTOTECH require additional storage and transportation conditions.

Smart glass

  • Hot streams from heat guns, electric fans and other heating devices are not allowed to hit the surface.
  • The temperature range of storage, transportation and operation must be maintained within the range from +35 °С to -20 °С.

Glass and double-glazed windows SHIELD

  • Hot streams from heat guns, electric fans and other heating devices are not allowed to hit the surface.
  • Avoid direct sunlight (for glass intended for indoor installation).
  • The temperature range of storage, transportation and operation must be maintained within the range from +40 °С and to -30 °С for SHIELD glass and from +50 °С and to -35 °C for double-glazed windows SHIELD.
  • Contact of the sealing layer of the insulating glass unit with moisture inside the frame of the structure in which it is installed is not allowed due to the accumulation of condensate, poor adhesion of the sealing rubber, dirty drainage holes, etc.
  • The end seal must not be disturbed.


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